In the past, the warm atmosphere and fine service of The Tea Room adhered to the Glaswegian tradition begun by Charles Rennie MacKintosh designs he contributed to the “new art” decor in several of Mrs. Cranston’s tea rooms in Glasgow, Scotland.  Kate Cranston promoted MacKintosh’s designs throughout the world as she opened more tea rooms.


His style is noted for geometric patterns and clean lines, spearheading the Scottish Arts & Crafts movement.

You can learn more about MacKintosh, his signature style and the festivals held in Glasgow on the Charles Rennie MacKintosh Society website.  You can view more of his works online at the Hunterian Art Gallery. And, if you’re traveling to Scotland you can visit The Glasgow School of Art and immerse yourself in the architecture and design of MacKintosh.

The Savannah Tea Room continues this warm, inviting atmosphere to the present day.

tea wall

The Savannah Tea Room today.

picture wall

The Savannah Tea Room today.

Tea Room Final-29

The Savannah Tea Room as it was.