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From Wildwood Chocolate of Portland, Oregon, comes the most delicious drinking chocolate. Much like Cashmere, Champagne, 24kt gold, and true luxury, this chocolate is to be experienced. With a rich velvety mouth feel, decadent depth, and satisfying balance of sweet and bitter these can be mixed with dairy and most milk alternatives to create true taste awareness. Made in USA. Approximately 5 servings, 7oz.


MEXICAN STYLE: A dash of cayenne and cinnamon bring a little extra heat.

VERY DARK VERY RICH: Exactly as it says.




SKU: 444
  • There are no returns accepted on this product.

  • MEXICAN STYLE:  Bittersweet Chocolate (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar), Cinnamon, Cocoa Powder (processed with alkali), Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt.

    VERY DARK VERY RICH:  Chocolate (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla, natural flavor), Cocoa Powder, Salt.

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