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For those who would rather not have caffeine, this selection of tisanes based in the herbs of South Africa hits the spot. Holy Grail*, a melange of warming spices, elderberries, pink peppercorns, and honeybush will help your immune system out and keep you cozy. Honeybush Blend, a citrus and vanilla nose in a body of red rooibos and honeybush, tastes amazing whether hot or over ice. Green Rooibos with Ginger, an excellent digestive, fits the bill when you've overindulged or just need a spicy treat. Tim, a lemon infused green rooibos, with a hint of peppermint and mixed with the perriwinkle hue of butterfly pea flowers, a refreshing combo. *CONTAINS PISTACHIO ALLERGEN. 


  • 1 oz Holy Grail, 1 oz Honeybush Blend, 1 oz Green Rooibos with Ginger, 1 oz Tim, and a medium tea ball.

  • There are no returns accepted on this product.

    Ribbons subject to change, but will be similar in hue and loveliness.

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