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Explore tea for tea's sake with this introduction to the various terras which form the basis for much of the world's fully oxidized teas. Royal Golden Yunnan is where the journey of camelia sinensis began; a spicy taste. Grand Keemun is oftentimes referred to as China Black; a sweet taste. Assam Mangalam, the camelia sinensis assamica of India; a malty taste. French Breakfast, a Ceylon from Sri Lanka; a floral taste.


SKU: 111 BLACK 101
  • 1 oz Royal Golden Yunnan, 1 oz Grand Keemun, 1 oz Assam Mangalam, 1 oz French Breakfast, and a medium tea ball.

  • There are no returns accepted on this product.

    Ribbons subject to change, but will be similar in hue and loveliness.

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