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Dried lavender buds are added to Green Rooibos which is a completely unfermented variety of the famous “red bush” or Rooibos, which is considerably higher in antioxidants, including trace minerals and alpha-hydroxy acid, which are known to promote healthy skin. Grown on the mountain sides in South Africa, it is collected in small batches and taken directly to drying facilities to stop the rapid, natural fermentation. Naturally without caffeine, and helpful for sleep.


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  • 1. Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil.

    2. Swirl boiling water in the teapot or mug for 1 minute to warm it up, discard water.

    3. For each cup of tisane place 1 level teaspoon of leaves in the tea infuser.

    4. Pour boiling water over leaves, cover and brew for 5 minutes.

    5. Remove infuser and leaves, and serve.

    6. Can be rebrewed two times, 7 minutes for the second brew time.

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