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An assertively smoky flavor makes this the most distinct of black teas. Cured in the smoke of Chinese white pine fire, this Lapsang is deeply aromatic and its smoky characteristic and smooth taste compare to that of single malt scotch. Used in the famous Savannah Tea Room Lapsang Chicken Salad. Perfect way to add "instant smoke" to your cooking; marinate meat or tempeh, throw on the barbeque, steam vegetables, creme brulee...


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  • 1. Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil.

    2. Swirl boiling water in the teapot or mug for 1 minute to warm it up, discard water.

    3. For each cup of tea place 1 level teaspoon of tea leaves in the tea infuser.

    4. Pour boiling water over tea leaves, cover and brew for 3 minutes.

    5. Remove infuser and leaves, and serve.

    6. Can be rebrewed several times, adding 1 additional minute to the brew time.

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