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A traditional Yixing gaiwan made of ZiSha purple clay; because of the high porosity as you brew the tea leaves the unglazed clay gradually develops the rich flavor of the teas you brew. It is advised to season before use, and reserve for one type of tea. Made in Jiangsu province, China. Approximate dimensions: 3.5" wide x 3" tall. Capacity: 120 mL  (4 oz.)


SKU: 616
  • To season:

    In a stove safe pot, bring enough water to submerge gaiwan to a boil, reduce heat to the lowest setting. Gently place gaiwan pieces in the pot and let soak 3-5 minutes. Remove pot from heat source, and safely remove pieces from water. Let air dry. This cleans the piece and seals the clay just enough to not absorb too much flavor. 

    To clean:

    Never use soap. Just thoroughly rinse under water when done using and air dry.

  • There are no returns accepted on this product.

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